A website is person that manages a website,blogsite or  WordPress.Now there are many skills you need to acquire,before you get all that you needed on your page to be well recognize,unique, standard and professional.

I  know that most of is here are looking for something to do and earn money online,that why I decided to make this article to give  you some valuable tips you need to know as a webmaster to make your websites to rank comfortably on Google search.

 It  gives much impression  to make money through your website and making money through your site needs commitment and hard-working on your website. Now this are   questions people  normally ask  often on how to improve their website.

1 How to blogg and earn money.

2  which description is the best for bloggers.

3 How to get more than 5,000 page preview in a day.

4 How many words is enough for each page on your blogsite.

5 Can Google approve a site with blogspot extension.

6  How can you make visitor's to stay long on your website.

7  what is web policy.

Now this are some of most common asked questions ,which webmaster s ask Everytime. Now you can easily choose the one you need to know about on your website, follow the procedure and implement it quickly. Blogging business is not as easy as people think it is,it really required a lot of research, experiment, dedication, learning handwork, passion e.t.c.

Blogging your passion is easy way to get blogging business Done and dusted,like blogging what you love doing,what you have experiencen on,what you can easily make a good and unique articles on,without copying from another website. copying content is one of the most violation policy that Google can easily use to disapprove your website without going further, because it's easily stated  on there policy.

How to blogg and earn money ?

To turn your passion into cash is very wonderful, before you create a  blogsite and start earning from it,you need to be ready to create a well written and unique articles for your blogsite. If you can be able to write at least five  well made article that's very long and unique, then your dream of making money from blogging is assured . Now I have seen people that think that with money ,they can get all they needed from there website,no! is not true. what money can easily get you is a cost domain,well built theme template, promoting your website. now if you have gotten all this, without an original and long content on your website, this means all  the things  you  have gotten is not useful.

Hope you following? Now the easiest way for you to make huge amount of money from blogging  is for you to to register and apply for Googleadsense.com . There are many ads sense network you can earn from, such as media.net.com ,infolink.com, adstera.com and Googleadsense.com e.t.c. 

But I Will recommend googleadsense.com for you,reason is because they are number one ,you  can easily earn a good cash from AdSense than others. Now after you have monetize your website, your website is now crawling on Google search engine, the SEO is ranking very well on search engine, this means your website have been indexed. Now go and register and apply for ads sense.before you apply for ads sense,make sure you have read and understands Google AdSense policy, everything is well stated on their policy,then check if your website complied with Google AdSense policy, if your website complied with everything, you can now apply for adsense. 

They will review your website  within couple of days and approve your website  on their AdSense program, but sometimes,it waist more of time like weeks before there review will be done.

 Then after your website have been reviewed and it meet up with their policy,   your blogsite will be approved and it will  begins to show ads after you have placed the code.

Now your dream of earning money from blogging is here 😀😊 .

Which discription is the best for bloggers ?

The first thing to put into consideration before creating a website or blogsite,is to choose a niche. You are entitled to choose whatever you want to blog about.
When choosing a blog discription,you must choose what you know about,to avoid giving false information on your website or blogsite,I think choosing what suits you is the best.👌

 The important of choosing blogsite discription or niche,is to make the visitors of your website to know the information your website is providing to them.Now as a blogsite,

"the best discription or niche that's suitable for Blogger Is to choose what you can blog on as your website discription".

Hope you are getting it? Now if you have chosen to blogg on  food you need to focus on food stuff articles, now if you have chosen to blog on automobile, you need to focus on automobile information, and make it your niche. Avoid going contrary to your blogsite discription,like example you are blogging on automobile,you start posting food articles on your website  or you are blogging on food you start posting about phone accessories,no ! it's very wrong,try to follow your website discription or niche and keep blogging and keep creating a long and unique post on your website for AdSense approval.

 How to get more than 5,000 page preview each day?

Generating traffic on your blogsite is a good way to earn more cash from adSense.

  Now there are many ways which you can increase your website preview each day,which can make you reach more than 5,000  page preview each day. Now let's take this step  by step so it will be comprehensible to you .
Now assuming you are targeting like 5,000 to 6,000 page visitors each day, and what you normally get is may be like 1,000 page preview each day. Now for you to increase it, follow this step.


 Let's take for example you place your website or blogsite to wix.com or amazon.com  as a paid promotion,for more page preview, and any of this website get  like more than 100,000 page preview each day, now your site is showing on this website as ads, now act of that 100,000 at least, about 3,000  people will click on the ads which contains your website URL now your page preview is boasting gradually.


This involve sharing of your page URL  to groups, like WhatsApp, telegram, Facebook . website like quora.com, nairaland.com etc. Now  for instance you answered peoples questions on quora ,then you can comments with your blogsite URL for them to visit and know  what your blogsite is all about. 

There are millions users on quora.com ,nairaland.com e.t.c ,if your blogsite is being posted their, you will surely get more than 3,000 visitors from their each day.Now when all this are done constantly, your website page preview will increases times ten each day without much stress needed.as you are doing it steady and if your website is giving the visitors what they want,they will keep on visiting and keep on sharing it to others your website continues to boast.

How many words is enough for each page on my website?

Writing enough content on your website is very good,and it's important to know the minimum word that's needed from each page on your website. 
The  importance of writing a long words on each page on your site is for your website to rank high on search engine. 

According to research "the average CPC of top 3 search result is more than 10,000 keyword is 2,100  words".

 Now if your site can produces at least more than 1,000 words each page, nothing would stop it from ranking high on search engine.

Now the minimum words that is needed from your website  on each page is 500  words , now if it goes less than 500 words, it is refer as "no content" hope you are following the trick? So it is very important to do anything possible to write a long articles in your page,give it time,do research, use your initiative to work it out.

Can Google AdSense approve a blogsite with "blogspot extension"?

I know that not everyone could afford the money to buy a custom domain,but it's good to make your work different, that's the sign of determination to your work. now the different between a website with (.com ) and blogspot is one is already customize,why the other one is not customize, which is. ( blogspot)
Google can approve both sites if both apply for ads sense.  

But a site with blogspot extension  is on risk, reason is that it is not well secured, secondly in some cases, like application of AdSense, you can wait for their response till you get  confused,Google doesn't recognize a website with blogspot extension,but if you're trying to use it for your  application of AdSense,the results might not impressed you as a Blogger.

How can I make visitors to stay very long  on my website?

The reason why people stay very long on YouTube is mostly because videos. Now if you check it, you will understand that not only test matters on your website. The reason why people will stay very long on your website is to create a virtual content,like good and adorable pictures that will show the discription of  your articles on your page, work with pictures,show your work out👌.

 And again is to  is to be able to create content that's friendly to users  or visitors of your website,the more they are reading and  enjoying your articles,the more the stay longer on your page. But if they are not getting what you are writing,they can easily leave your page.so the best trick to  engage people on your website is to create a virtual content and writing skills.

What is web policy?

As the name sounds,you can easily cash up the meaning immediately.😀
Web or website policy; This are set alone pages of a website, which covers the rules, regulation and  how the site carries their activities out,such as privacy policy, disclaimer policy, cookies policy, terms and conditions,about e.t.c.

 This are some web policy that rules some website, which help to maintain the site operation. 
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